To contribute to the idea of sustainability in the electronic market with innovative strategies and cutting-edge technology, while bringing more to the Indian electronics’ platform.

To provide quality, economical and superior products that meet the customer’s satisfaction to the fullest. We hope to innovate and create a positive environment along with a better tomorrow for both our customers and employees.


We, at Korin Optoelectronics LLP, are dedicated to providing the best of services and products in the lighting industry without compromising on any aspect.


On behalf of all of us at JKorin, I take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our customers who make us who we are. We will always aim to provide best-in-class products that are value for money in the textile industry, building industry and now in the lighting industry. Branching out in this new avenue as Korin Optoelectronics LLP, we seek your support and faith in us to provide you with the best of services and products. We have also directed our endeavour towards the concept of sustainability, a philosophy which should be given the utmost importance in this industrialized society.

We plan to realize this idea by introducing new-age technology that will be first of its kind in the country. Aiming to use nothing but the best technology for manufacturing and creating an effective feedback system, will help us be in touch with the customers’ changing needs and requirements.

Our ulterior motto is to provide quality products at an affordable price point by focusing on customers’ satisfaction and provide reliable after-sales-services. We together with our employees are working towards realizing and bringing the company’s vision to life. Your unconditional support is essential for us to keep moving forward. We would love to serve you as you become a part of the J Korin family.

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